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Finally, a comprehensive text on entertainment rigging! A reference book that deals with all the things we need to know every day. If I only had one book on rigging, it would, without a doubt, be this one.

Rocky Paulson, President of Stage Rigging Inc.

This book is valuable to everyone involved in rigging...not only for the rigger, but also those who supervise riggers as well as building management...a mixture of many years of practical application coupled with the formal training of an engineering degree.

Mike Garl, President of James Thomas Engineering

Whether you are estimating anchor point loading, calculating bridle lengths and angles or just plain getting the rig up as fast as you can, you will benefit from this you solutions to problems but more importantly teaches you how to approach the problem to find solutions on your own.

Marty Pavloff, Seattle Center Stage Crew Chief

Finally, an outstanding book that covers the theory and practice of arena rigging!

Jay O. Glerum, author of Stage Rigging Handbook

This well-written, comprehensive text belongs in the libraries of all professional riggers, university theater departments, university safety and risk management offices, and theatrical and entertainment unions whose members include riggers. Teachers of theatrical and entertainment technical courses at all levels will find this text invaluable.

Monona Rossol, Safety Director of United Scenic Artists, IATSE Local 829, and author of Health and Safety Guide for Film, TV, and Theater, and Stage Fright: Health and Safety in Theater.

Harry�s book should be required for all IATSE members, and students of Technical Theatre and Film Production. If every theatre, arena, coliseum, sound stage, and grip & electric truck in the entertainment industry had one on their shelves, and required employees to read it, we could prevent countless accidents injuries, and fatalities. Hats off to Harry!

Bill McCord, Business Agent, IATSE Local 635, Winston-Salem

Well-structured, thorough, and comprehensive, this book is the definitive source of rigging information for the master rigger or beginner.

Andrew Martin, President of ATM Flyware

Entertainment Rigging is an excellent guide and an indispensable reference, a must-own tool for everyone, from students of rigging through seasoned professionals.

Henry Grillo, Assistant Dean, North Carolina School of the Arts

IATSE Local 80 has found the information contained in this book invaluable in the training of our grips and riggers.

Kent H. Jorgenson, Safety and Training Representative, IATSE Local 80 Motion Picture Studio Grips, Los Angeles


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